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Idealism? Rebellion? Apathy? What is it that motivates twenty-something Myron and Susie, in 1971, to leave the Boston commune centered around a self-proclaimed Messiah, and travel in a refurbished school bus across the country to the Pacific Northwest? There, they give birth to their daughter in a back-to-the-land commune.

Susie, awash in maternal instinct and surrounded by liberated women, blossoms into in-your-face womanhood. Myron, our smug, pseudo-Zen first-person narrator, cynical and ironic, the floating 'eye' of consciousness, gleefully reports the foibles and frailties of those around him. But his own vulnerability catches up with him in his love for his infant daughter and, as Myron himself might say, his dogma is run over by his karma.

The war in Vietnam; Watergate and the Nixon scandal; open marriage and co-parenting; sex and drugs; communal living under extreme conditions -- what was all that about?

Overflowing with sights, insights, sentiments and sensations of the early '70s, this twenty-first century novel emerges as a crystalline illumination of that critical cusp in the American evolution.