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isbn 0972425012

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The attractive wife, the big house and the Beemer aren't enough for stockbroker M. Vincent -- he needs a secret life, too.

Addicted to his nocturnal fantasies, he doesn't notice his wife, Sarah, quietly weaving a web of her own.

M. Vincent's secretary, Patty--so hungry for what she doesn't have--pretends to play his game until she makes a reckless move and the game turns ugly.

Then there is Robert, the manager from hell. He knows Vincent and Patty are up to something and he's not afraid to crack a few heads to find out what it is.

"A twisted tale of torrid titillation."
Seattle Enquirer

"Mr. Night writes as though he were being beaten with a wet towel: dull thuds and muffled screams."
Los Angeles Review of Books

"First rate, a huge success. Myron Night tells a compelling and unpredictable story and the reader enjoys every twist and turn."
James Stewart Thayer, author of
The Gold Swan, The Hess Cross, & White Star